Training Department (TD) plays an important role in guiding the students for the future academic directions. It lays focus on the areas of personality development, career identification and selection of field for specialization within the career. Moral and spiritual training, dynamism, and practical work in socialization, environment conducive to intellectual brought up, and matter-of-factness towards mental clarity on Islamic concept of life are the key features of training department.


We are committed to impart religious enlightenment and understanding in collaboration with contemporary knowledge. Our educational system is designed to turn out individuals who aspire to excel by creating the art of spiritual insight and rational foresight in their corporeal life. Our graduates are well-trained, civilized, Allah-loving and Prophet-loving community.


The objectives of Training Department are as follows:

  • To organize training workshops and professional skill development activities for teaching and administrative staff.
  • To help the students, especially newcomers, to develop confidence and strength to overcome personal problems.
  • To provide help to students and information to decide about their career.
  • To organize academic, cultural, religious and social programs and projects.
  • To enable the students, to work with other clubs and societies to uphold the college traditions, dignity and solidarity.
  • To organize workshops, seminars and symposium for the development of the personality of students.
  • To improve the skills of the students regarding different educational fields.
  • To organize various activities for the development and character building of the students.

Learning Focus

The TD supports the educational mission of the college by helping students to develop, evaluate, and pursue career goals. In this process students acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to make permanent decisions. It would strengthen their moral behaviours and ethical values.

Strategies and Plannings

Learning outcomes are always student-centered. In this regard we arrange different types of programs like training workshops, seminars, and symposiums. Some activities are as follow:

  • Counseling Cell
  • Arrangement of Halqajat
  • Arrangement of spiritual activities like Nafili Atikaf
  • Personality development workshops and sessions
  • Training sessions with different Islamic scholars
  • Sessions with motivational speakers
  • Milad-un-Nabi ﷺactivities
  • Exchange of gifts