Research department, Innovation strives to develop and ensure a dynamic and internationally competitive productive research culture in the college. The promotion of research is one of the core strategic goals of the RD along with improving the trends of research activities and transforming ideas into innovative products and Services. RD acts as a focal point to bring researchers at one platform encouraging multidisciplinary research and it works for managing and expanding the research activities, linking academia with industry and civil society.

Research projects

The Research Proposals Evaluation Committee comprising senior professors of the Faculty. This committee evaluates the research proposals in the light of the importance of the topic, meeting the academic, intellectual, social, psychological, economics, political, international and other needs of the country on the basis of the synopsis and budget estimate, provided by the researchers, and recommends the funds for them according to the rules.

 Internship Program:

In order to graduate. Every student shall have to complete an internship program, of at least 9-week duration, at any time after completion of their forth semester, generally during the summer. Universities will collaborate with employers to arrange the requisite number of internship shots.