Minhaj College for Women

A unique educational institution of its kind

Minhaj University Lahore (MUL) was established on 18th September 1986 in the city of Lahore-the city of learning, art, culture and science. Minhaj University Lahore has gained the status of an international university for its distinctive educational system and multi-dimensional progress. During the just nineteen years since its inception, its fame and popularity have reached Europe, Africa and the Middle East; the progress continues and its alumni will lead the Islamic and academic renaissance in the world.

Minhaj College for Women and COSIS, the first of the colleges functioning under the Minhaj University, is a Grand Centre of learning and education striving for the production of honest, cultivated, qualified and committed leadership for the prevalence of Islam. It offers the Muslim Ummah multi-faceted, future-oriented and practical education in the context of a challenging environment in Islamic, social, business, and computer technologies. Minhaj College for Women is committed to harmonious development of the learner’s intellectual, spiritual and physical faculties.

Minhaj College for Women is the first college of its nature, which offers a blend of both religious and contemporary studies; it is noted for its high quality of instruction, dynamic strategy and experiential training format.

Since quality of education has been the focal point of intellectuals thinkers and educationists. The dire need of change in behavior is a must which is possible through education only. Instead of disharmony, the global peace, humanitarian and benign vision for man in general is and should be the crux of syllabus and curriculum. With these motives in mind MCW is equally merging secular and the religion, worldly and the spiritual. The very reason for which Minhaj College is strangely different from other institutions. It has been successfully conducting Sharia as well as contemporary (Asriah) since its creation. . Its salient features are as follows

  • The College is offering theory as well as practical in the form of purgatory training camps, I’tikaf, hostel with practical Islamic routines.
  • Wise leadership, management and faculty members are galvanized with the celestial light of blissful commands of the Qura’an and Sunnah.
  • Preparation of role models, according to Islamic practices and traditions, become a role model since they are fully embellished with modern contemporary knowledge as well as true and exemplary Islamic?
  • Co-curricular activities are also a part of the academics, which include Speeches, symposiums Mahfils, Study Tours, Sports Gala and Training Programs, etc.
  • Beautiful combination of secular and Islamic sciences
  • Dual degree program (Shariah & Asriah)

  • Our Mission
    We are committed to imparting religious enlightenment and understanding in collaboration with contemporary knowledge. Our educational system is designed to turn out individuals who aspire to excel by creating the art of spiritual insight and rational foresight in their corporeal life. We graduate well-trained, civilized, Allah-loving and Prophet-loving community.
  • Our Vision
    You will find it distinctly different from other educational institutions including moral and spiritual training, dynamism, drill work in socialization, environment conducive to intellectual brought up, and matter-of-factness towards mental clarity on Islamic concept of life.
  • Our Contribution
    15 years in education | 1K+ Graduates
    Our contribution for society

About Campus

Minhaj College for Women is located at Township (Baghdad Town) Lahore. The academic building contains classrooms, a large library, a computers laboratory, offices for staff and two staff rooms for its staff members. Moreover, Khadija Hall, a spacious hostel, is situated close to its academic building. That is why students feel convenient to attend the lectures. The College is a unique combination of Shariah (Islamic) and Asriyya (contemporary) educational programmes. Young students study at the institution of Hifz-e-Quran, Fun-e-Tajweed and Qirat. It has earned great honour in academic circles by producing good results.

It is a matter of pride that the College is independent and self-sufficient. By the grace of Almighty Allah it is not only educating the daughters of the nation but also training them.

The spirit of MCW

The spirit of Minhaj College for Women is indeed the missionary spirit of Prof. Dr. Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri, who laid down the firm foundation of this college for women realizing the need of development of spiritual insight and religious training of women folk. His focus is on higher sense of morality, human values and dedication to Islamic culture and life. His spirit is a kindled spirit which is free from stereo-typed notions of religion and morality but delved deep into the essence of teachings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him!).

The Minhaj College for Women is more than a college: it is a community, a movement towards the pursuit of excellence of the highest in the world’s best order, Islam. It is not only a kind of reformation but also renaissance in true Islamic spirit under the guidance of Dr. Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri. Its soul is the attainment of highest peak of piety through specific purgatory training-camps, itekaf and kindled lectures. Those who come to learn at M.C.W. leave it with a wider appreciation of human values and display devotion to Mustafavi Mission; their tolerance to people comes from a sense of religious responsibility. Thus, their lives flourish in true Islamic spiritualism.

The graduates of Minhaj excel by virtue of their special training that moulds them into true examplary individuals. The celestial light of Minhaj is reflected both in students and faculty. Indeed, Minhaj College for Women is a tradition of preparing women for the coming challenges of modern world in accordance with true Islamic teachings.