Directorate of IT is focused on delivery of wide range of high quality IT Services throughout the college to all Academicians, Staff & Students. Providing a smart & robust environment where everyone has easy access to all IT services round the clock. Directorate of IT also ensures a secure, reliable and efficient IT environment where optimized results would be attained.

Our Goals:

  • To create leaders, who are equipped with latest and profound knowledge, polished creative abilities, superior social traits and wiliness to use all their potential to make computer more productive for life in every sphere of life.
  • To help the academic process of the college through technological advances.
  • Guarantee Better service delivery within the college.
  • Provision of fast and efficient IT Services.
  • To ensure that everyone has access to all digital resources.
  • To upgrade & equip the campus environment according to new technologies
  • Make sure that goals are achieved in cost effective manner

To create an ease for faculty, staff, researchers & students to achieve their targets within specified timelines by facilitating them by their desired technical requirements.


Vision: An exemplary establishment of computer science that creates, disseminate and preserves knowledge of the computer science and impart training to all seekers for effective use of this man made brain to understand the very purpose of the Human creation.

IT Services

  • Campus LAN connectivity by Fiber
  • High Speed Internet Connectivity (PERN-2)
  • College Automation (In Progress)
  • Official Email Facility
  • Access To Digital Library
  • Fully Equipped Video Conferencing Hall
  • Biometric Attendance System
  • CCTV Surveillance in whole campus
  • Facilitation in the arrangement of seminars, workshops & Trainings
  • Central Server System for management of users on network
  • IT Help Desk to solve the problems of Students, Faculty & Staff
  • Web services
  • Provision of internet over WIFI in Departments, Sections & Hostels
  • Campus Network enhancement, extension & troubleshooting
  • SMART University project
  • Technical assistance to launch new projects
  • VPN implementation.