eLearning program


eLearning exploits interactive technologies and communication systems to improve the learning experience. It has the potential to transform the way we teach and learn across the board. It can raise standards, and widen participation in lifelong learning. It cannot replace teachers and lecturers, but alongside existing methods it can enhance the quality and reach of their teaching, and reduce the time spent on administration. It can enable every learner to achieve his or her potential, and help to build an educational workforce empowered to change. It makes possible a truly ambitious education system for a future learning society. ‘Our teaching faculty is well qualified and dedicated individuals of high caliber who know well how to keep on going well with the students in the friendly environment to produce best result.

Teaching faculty

  • University graduates in Islamic Studies
  • Well aware of Quranic Sciences
  • Well trained to teach our courses
  • Individuals of highly noble characters
  • Excellent command over Urdu English & Arabic Languages to deliver lectures


  1. Individual Learning Sessions
  2. Female Quran Teachers
  3. Adjustable Timings
  4. No Language Barrier
  5. Interactive Classes
  6. Anywhere, Any Device


  1. Quran Reading Course
  2. Quran Translation Course
  3. Qirat al Quran Course
  4. Tafseer Course
  5. Seerat-ur-Rasool Course
  6. Naat Course
  7. Arabic Language Course
  8. Urdu Language Course
  9. Fiqh Course
  10. Irfan ul Quran Course
  11. Irfan ul Aqaid Course
  12. Hadith Course
  13. Hifz Course