There are different classification of rules and regulation in MCW as:

Rules Regarding Fees

  1. All the students must pay fees for the twelve months of the year.
  2. Non-payment of dues within due date will result in 100 rupees fine per day. The names of the students who do not pay fee for one month after the due date are deleted from the College roll. Such students are not allowed to appear for examination.
  3. If a student, having paid fees, drops out before attending classes, no fees will be refunded to her.
  4. A student who wants to leave the College must inform one month in advance or pay the fees for the whole month.
  5. Fees are subject to increase @ 10% in every academic year.
  6. Monthly fees are to be paid till 15th of each month. Otherwise, due fine will be charged.
  7. Defaulters cannot leave the College premises till they clear their dues.
  8. All fees are non-refundable except security fund.
  9. The management of Minhaj College reserves the right to revise the fee structure at any time.
  10. Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Lahore (BISE Lahore) and University fees will be in addition to the dues submitted at the time of admission.
  11. Rs.100/- additional will be charged for each in house session examination” as examination fee.

Fee Concession Method at the Time of Admission:

  1. At the time of admission the students can be given the facility to deposit their fee/dues in two installments.
  2. Excellent conduct is necessary to get fee concession especially in monthly fee.
  3. Board position holders will have full (academic, hostel) fee concession.

Scholarship Policy:

  • Students having 80% to 84% marks in board examination will get 50% concession in tuition fee. On 85% to 89% marks fee concession is 75% and on 90% to above total tuition fee concession will be granted.

Khurshid Begum scholarship:

This scholar ship is only for Shariah Students on 1st, 2nd and 3rd position.

Fee Concession policy:

After studying one year students can have fee concession through student welfare board. This concession will be based on the good result and attendance during the whole year.


Admission will be cancelled if a student is absent for seven consecutive days without leave. The application for re-admission will be presented to the Vice Principal and the following rules will apply:

  • After the cancellation of the admission, re-admission fee must be paid within three days.
  • Re-admission will be granted only once.

Code of Conduct:

  1. Students are bound to be fully clothed (hijab and gown are compulsory). Tight dress, make-up and jewelry are not allowed.
  2. Students are expected to uphold the honor of the College and their own self-esteem all the times, inside the College and in society. However, the College is not responsible for their attitude outside the College premises.
  3. Students should be courteous, honest, well-behaved and well-mannered towards the staff and their fellow students.
  4. If a student indulges in stealing cheating and misconduct, she will have to face the disciplinary action. The decision of the committee will be final in this matter.
  5. Every student is bound to report to the disciplinary committee if she notices violation of any College rule.